Thru Thick and Thin





Directed By

James Widdoes

Written By

Alyson Fouse


October 17, 2001

Production #



Perfect Dad


He Heard, She Heard

This is the fifth episode of the second season.


Jay returns home from taking care of her mom's injury, and she's put on a few pounds after eating mom's home cooking. Michael doesn't know how to 'diplomatically' tell his wife that she's packing a little bit extra. Which cause Michael to go to the doctor to see what he should do, even thought he doesn't like him. Jay thinks that Micheal is shallow, and that she fell in love with his heart. Micheal feeling bad agrees that if she is gonna eat junk food then he is gonna eat junk food all time. The two not caring how fat their gonna get from eating all the junk food. Later when Jay goes to bed she has a nightmare. In the nightmare she is seen carrying a giant stack of pancakes. Then when she sets them on the table Micheal walks downstairs into the kitchen. When walking down he causes the house to shake. Micheal is seen mordibly obese with a double chin, moobs, a big butt, big thighs, and a huge belly. Micheal complains that is so hard to get downstairs, and that they should get an elevator. Micheal says that on the way down he ate Katy's goldfish. Jay frustrated says that she should get her a puppy. Then Micheal stares off into thought. Jay tells Micheal to wake up the kids. He decides to try a new technique to wake them up. He grabs the bacon and makes a pig noise. The house starts shaking violently as the kids run downstairs but get stuck in the doorway due to their now massive bodies. Jr has a large belly, big thighs and big arms whilst Claire has a large double chin, a big butt and a large belly hanging out over her waistband. Michael talks to Jr. as he spots that Jr. is starting to develop a double chin. Jr. tells him that he gained five pounds this morning as Jay looks on it disgust. Michael tells him that he would soon get moobs. Jr. goes to sit down as Michael waves a piece of bacon in the air in front of a much fatter Claire, whose belly is hanging out of her shirt. He eventually gives it to her as Claire tries to find her navel pericing but can't find it due to her flabby belly. Michael the pulls out a mobile phone from under her large belly roll. When at the table they breath very heavily and eat like animals whilst fighting over food which makes Jay tells then that they should go on diets. Micheal showing skinny models and shows the kids how it's better to be fat and eat all day than be skinny and fit. Then Jay wonders where Katy is. She comes in the kitchen rolling instead of walking due to her massive girth. Then Jay wakes up. Micheal wakes up ready to eat junk food. Then Jay tries to explain to Micheal that she should be a good influence and eat healthy, so Micheal and the kids don't end of mordibly obese and addicted to food.


Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle

Parker McKenna Posey as Kady Kyle

Tisha Campbell as Jay Kyle

George O. Gore II as Michael Kyle Jr.

Jennifer Freeman as Claire Kyle

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