Michael KyleEdit


He makes jokes on everything.

Micheal JordanEdit

Michael Kyle is obessed to Micheal Jordan

Jay KyleEdit

Jay's comment about "all a dis" while turning around.

Jay's competative when it comes to singing (referring to the karaoke episode of which she took the spotlight during the competion with her group.

Junior KyleEdit

Junior is continuosly saying idiotic comments such as saying dumb as dum-bee and asking the question "why does a fly fly but an elephant don't elephant?"

Junior is always being teased by everyone in the family because of the size of his head.

Kady KyleEdit


In the earlier season Kady's jokes were mainly about her cuteness.

Claire KyleEdit

Claire's airheaded acts

Claire's countlessly falling down the stairs, some times making a comment and ending it with "Oh, and ow."

Clair continues not to pay attention to anyone or the conversation she is in and just focusing on her beauty( such as only looking into Jay's eyes although she is only looking at her reflection in her eyeballs.

Franklin MumfordEdit

"Isn't she great"?Edit

Franklin says that after Kady does anything like playing the piano.

"Anyhoo" or "However"Edit

In a drawn-out tone when trying to change the subject or when he sees that he is talking with someone less-than-intelligent, which has also been used by the other Kyle family members, usually Michael, on occasion.


It is no doubt that Franklin is one of the smartest characters on the show he has already gone to college and got many degrees.