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First appearance

The Kyles Go to Hawaii: Part 2

Last appearance

Hand Model


Liliana Mumy

Rachel is one of Kady's classmates who hates Michael.


Michael KyleEdit

Michael and Rachel don't like each other. In there first encounter at the beach in Hawaii Rachel tries to get money to give back Little Pip (Kady's doll) to Michael. Michael then takes Little Pip and Rachel starts to chase him. Rachel is later seen again in the school play where she says Michael is not a real man because he was directing the play.In Hand Model Micheal says their is nothing sweet about her.

Kady KyleEdit

Franklin MumfordEdit

Rachel and Franklin are only seen together in Hand Model where Franklin is jealous of Kady spending time with Rachel instead of him. Rachel seems to make jokes about Franklin as she does with Michael. Franklin pays Rachel to stop playing with Kady again.


  • She is a very good actress as seen in her performance in Romeo & Juliet: The Final Conflict.

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