My Wife and Kids
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date October 3, 2001
Written by Don Reo & Damon Wayans
Directed by James Widdoes
Season 2
Episode No. in Series 14
Production Code 203
Episode Guide
"Mom's Away: Part 2"
"No Rules"


The kids complain that Michael is being too strict since Jay left, so they call for a family meeting where they all discuss the way they think the family should be, with no repercussions. Jr. thinks having a rapper for a dad would be cool, Claire thinks the perfect dad should be the manager of the country's #1 boy band, and Kady thinks Michael should be a big blue dragon (much like TV's Barney). Michael shows them how these versions could go wrong, and shares his thoughts of perfect children.

Main CastEdit

Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle

Tisha Campbell-Martin as Jay Kyle

George O. Gore II as Junior Kyle

Jennifer Freeman as Claire Kyle

Parker McKenna Posey as Kady Kyle

Recurring Cast Edit

Andrew McFarlane as Tony Jeffers

Guest Cast Edit

Shaquille O'Neal as Himself


  • Crystal Sierra, Keeira Lyn Ford, Laura Savery, Olivia Milo Pence, Rachel Nicole Bridges, and Shaquille O'Neal receive the "With" credit.
  • The closing credits featured a parody of one of the scenes with a special appearance from Shaquille O'Neal.

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