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Jay the Artist





Directed By

Andy Cadiff

Written By

Dean Lorey

Air Date

November 27, 2002

Production #



Jr.'s Dating Dilemma


Chair Man of the Board

"Jay the Artist", is eleventh episode of season 3 of the sitcom, My Wife & Kids .


Feeling that she has no space and time of her own due to home duties, Jay decides to paint. The result is a portrait of Michael based on Michelangelo's David, which makes Michael feel a little bit "diminished". They start an argument over it, which ends on Michael finally agreeing on letting Jay show her work at a friend's art gallery – with a "big" change, that is. Meanwhile, Michael renews acquaintances with old buddy Steve, while the kids are encouraged to develop their artistic abilities as well. Claire designs clothes, Kady plays the piano, and Junior writes some bizarre poetry.


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