Jasmine Scott



Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:



Calvin Scott (husband)
Vanessa Kyle (daughter)
Junior Kyle (son-in-law)
Junior, Jr (grandson)

First appearance

Meet the Parents

Last appearance

The Wedding


Ella Joyce



Jasmine Scott is the mother of Vanessa Kyle (previously Scott) and the mother-in-law of Juinor. Just like her husband she is a money seeking person. She is the grandmother of Juinor Jr. She is the wife of Calvin Scott. She has a rocky relationship with her husband Calvin Scott. In an episode she kicked her husband out of the house after a huge fight. Calvin moved in with the Kyles, much to the distaste of Michael and Jay.

In the episode where Vanessa and Juinor are to get married, Jay wants Vanessa to wear her 'overly sized' wedding dress, but of course Jasmine, like any mother in that position, protested that she wear her silver jumpsuit.

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